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Five ways to infuse more personality into your business... that you can stand out from the crowd!

Because your personality SELLS your services.

Your audience is looking for a solution, but your personality makes them want YOUR solution.

So box up that fear, chuck away the key and show them the REAL you.

By far the easiest way to attract dream clients is by being your unique, weird, wonderful, authentic self.

Because authenticity exudes confidence and confidence SELLS.

Energy attracts energy. Weird attracts weird. Positivity attracts positivity. So be the client you want to attract to your business.

#1 Give your visual branding a shake up.

Social media (Instagram especially!) relies heavy on the visuals to draw in your audience. Make sure your visuals pop so your audience knows it is your content BEFORE they see your username.

#2 Use video content.

This is your opportunity to show off the REAL YOU, something that cannot be relayed via a caption, graphic or photo. Video content allows your personality to shine whether it's showing your audience behind the scenes or creating a funny Reel.

#3 Share your journey and infuse personality.

You're not a robot but as a business owner, it can be easy for your audience to forget that you're a real person with real emotions. Sharing your journey makes you unique and relatable.

#4 Stand up for what you believe in.

I know sometimes that it's easier said than done, but by sharing your voice and your opinion you're showing your audience what's important to you.

#5 Don't talk about business all the time.

Your audience wants insight into you your personality and your life. So show it off five ways to infuse.

How would you describe your personality in one word? Let me know!

And if you need support in loosening up and sharing the real, amazing YOU with the world then you need my 121 coaching.

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