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Are you struggling to generate inbound inquiries & make consistent income in your online freelance business?

*vegan, travel lover, always dancing, weirdo!


It's Grace here!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

And are you dying to raise your rates, book out your services, quit your job & become a full-time digital nomad, travelling the world whenever you want, working from your laptop on a beach somewhere in (insert dream destination)?

If so, you're in the right place ;) So keep reading...

I understand the frustration you're experiencing right now:

- not knowing exactly who you're targeting with your services so writing generic, inspirational content


- scrambling around on the day for content to put out to your social media audience, feeling disorganised and knowing it isn't your best work

- spending hours hunting for clients , sending out pitches & chatting with people in the DMs, which is leaving you feeling drained & questioning whether you can really make your freelance work a full-time gig.

- the small amount of sales calls you do manage to book end with a 'I'll have a think about it' only for you to be ghosted when you follow up with them

I don’t want this for you...

I don’t want this for you...

You deserve to:

🚀 have dream clients lining up to work with you

🚀 raise your rates, with confidence, knowing people will pay whatever you charge, because they're desperate to work with YOU

🚀 earn more whilst working less, but STILL having massive impact

🚀 take your freelance business full-time and become a digital nomad who travels the world whenever you want, just because you CAN

my name is Grace and I'm a Business Coach, Freelance Copywriter & Content Strategist.


I help freelance online biz owners, like you, build a powerful brand on social media so you can stand out as a leader in your field & get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH.


No more inconsistency. No more guesswork. No more unreliable income. No more 'where is my next client coming from?'


Powerful, persuasive content that has your audience seeking YOU out. Asking to work with YOU. Asking if YOU have space to take them on.


Think multiple inquiries landing in your DMs every single month from people who are ready to hire you & your services.


No more cold outreach. No more convincing people to work with you. No more long proposals. No more chasing people who ignore you after sales calls.


Just dream clients who want to work with you RIGHT NOW. Ok, I think you get it ;)

Hi there,


I now run a profitable & successful online coaching / freelance business, but it wasn't always like this.

I struggled to sign clients for a long time after official launching my business in May 2020. For the first 6 months, my life was 10 hour days, 7 days a week, with no clients to show for it.

My self-doubt started to creep in and I had so many days filled with tears and thoughts like:

🔥 'will I ever be able to make a living doing this full-time?'

🔥 'why would someone pick me when they can pick someone else who has way more experience?'

🔥 'how do I get people to pay the rates I want to charge, without them telling me I'm too expensive?'

These thoughts consumed me everyday. I really doubted whether I had the ability to make this work long-term. But then I realised something.

YOU are no different to all the other successful entrepreneurs currently out there, charging high rates, booking out their services & enjoying so much freedom, travelling the world whilst working from their laptop.

They started off with the same fear as you. They began charging the same rates that you are now. But they learnt, they persisted and they committed to NEVER giving up.

And I know that YOU are ready to do whatever it takes to see that level of success too.


Here’s a snippet of some of the amazing results my clients have achieved:

Here’s a snippet of some of the amazing results my clients have achieved:

(and this will be you too eek #exciting)


So how can I help?

My exclusive 1:1 coaching is for you if...

So how can I help?

My exclusive 1:1 coaching is for you if...

❌ you are struggling to attract multiple inquiries to your DMs every single week

❌ people keep telling you they can't afford your services, even though your rates aren't that high

❌ you can't seem to close clients on sales calls, and you get ignored when you follow up

❌ you're currently spending a lot of time sending out cold pitches & proposals and it's draining your energy & making you doubt your services

❌ you know your content is weak & isn't conveying the value of what you can offer

Let me tell you something #sssh


Attracting inquiries & signing clients who are happy to pay your rates isn't difficult when you know how (I know, right? It's the truth!)

Here's the framework I take you through in my high-level 1:1 coaching that is guaranteed to bring a consistent stream of inquiries to your DMs EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH

1) Getting clear on your brand personality & unique selling point

Here we identify what makes YOU unique & why your audience should invest in you. Then we market the shit out of it ;) This makes you stand out like nothing else . THIS is your secret sauce to attracting dream clients who are desperate to work with YOU.

2) Mastering your niche & ideal client

If you want your audience to be saying 'holy shit balls, I feel like (badass unicorn) is inside my head. I need their help ASAP', you have to understand the inner workings of your ideal client's mind. I teach you how to infuse buyer psychology, based on your ideal client, into your content, your DMs, your sales calls, your website. Basically everything, so your ideal client cannot say no to you.

3) Creating a juicy, sexy offer that your audience simply CANNOT resist

If you want people to buy from you, you need to sell them something they need SO badly, they're willing to invest money into it. I help you package up your offer in a way that is so irresistible to your audience, they're saying 'shut up and take my money NOW'

4) Mastering a powerful content strategy that builds your credibility & positions you as the go-to expert in your field

The key to generating a constant stream of HOT, spicy leads to your DMs who convert without objections is to push out persuasive content & high-converting copy that a) conveys the value of what you offer b) connects with your audience emotionally c) paints you as an expert d) shows authority so they actually want to buy from you. I help you master these 4 things so that your DMs are blowing up every week with 'hey, I'd love to know more about your services. Do you have space for new clients atm?'

5) Growing your business with a strategic visibility plan that puts you in front of hundreds / thousands of your ideal clients

If you want to raise brand awareness & grow your authority ASAP, you need to get as many eyes on your biz as possible. I help you implement a solid visibility plan that gets YOUR name out there, meaning you can raise your rates & make more money, as those inbound inquiries start coming in thick & fast.

What's included?

My 1:1 Coaching programme helps you:

My 1:1 Coaching programme helps you:

Untitled design (9).png

Develop a stand-out personal brand that gets YOU noticed in a sea of competition

Untitled design (9).png

Understand your ideal client INSIDE out, so you know exactly how to get them buying from you, whenever you have spaces in your services to fill

Untitled design (9).png

Develop an offer that is so FUCKIN SEXY & value-packed, your audience CANNOT say no to hiring you

Untitled design (9).png

Implement a powerful, persuasive content strategy that brings you high-quality consistent inquiries, every single month, that convert without objections

Untitled design (9).png

Grow your business, authority & monthly income on autopilot, by getting you in front of hundreds / thousands of ideal clients who need YOUR help & are ready to pay YOU

Untitled design (9).png


Untitled design (13).png

If you are ready to start waking up to your DMs filled with messages from dream clients asking to work with you (SEE BELOW), then you are ready for my exclusive 1:1 coaching!


All of this is 100% possible for you with my help, support and guidance.

if you’re:


An action-taker


Ready to roll up your sleeves and put the dedicated work in to make your freelance biz a success


Friendly and coachable


Driven AF to book out your services ASAP


Ready for your next level of success NOW, not later

Then you are ready to say YES to my private 1:1 coaching.

Hit the button below to fill out your application, so you can start generating inquiries on autopilot, from people dying to pay YOU right now

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