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Seven most important things you need to craft a powerful brand identity.

Having a powerful brand identity is NOT only about having a cool logo or fancy website

We are so fortunate and lucky to live in an age of social media

Social media, at the point of use, provides a free platform for you to grow a presence for you and your brand

It allows you to build a community of people just like you, who want to be a part of YOUR world

It allows you a platform to be open about your past struggles and share your vulnerabilities

It allows you to inspire other people and motivate them to make changes in their life

The most important thing you can do with your brand if you want to create advocacy, trust & connection is to make your audience feel something

In the same way you build emotional attraction with a person you’re dating by being open about how you feel, so that they feel comfortable sharing with you how they feel...

The same works in business

When you make your audience feel something in your content, based on how YOU feel, or how you felt in the past, your audience feel safe to address their own feelings

And when you make them feel safe to address their own feelings, they develop a deep connection to you and your brand

They read your content and relate to you in a deep way because they know you understand them

They see you as a safe bet to invest in because they feel connected to you in a way that they don’t feel with your competitors

Having a powerful, stand-out brand is about more than just visuals.

🔥 It’s about leading with your purpose

🔥 It’s about weaving in your values so people know what you stand for (and against!)

🔥 It’s about being vulnerable and sharing stories that connect

🔥 It’s about serving a niche you’re incredibly passionate about helping

🔥 It’s about consistent visibility so you can grow an engaged audience on autopilot

So here are the five top things you need in order to build a powerful brand...

1) An authentic tone of voice that resonates with your ideal client.

2) A strong visual identity (colours, photos, graphics)

3) A unique story that emotionally connects with your audience

4) Core values that are the most important to you

5) A niche that you're passionate about and can help

6) Powerful content that shows the value of your services

7) A visibility plan that grows your presence on autopilot

What do YOU think of when you hear the word ‘branding’? Is it visuals, or do you think of something else?

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