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12 reasons why your content marketing isn't bringing fresh leads

Consistent inbound leads means you are able to generate consistent business and consistent income. And in order to generate new inbound leads every single week, you need to create powerful persuasive content that connects deeply with your ideal clients. So here are twelve big reasons why your content isn't currently bringing you a constant stream of fresh hot leads directly to your DMS.

1) Your content isn't relatable.

You need to write your content in words and phrases that are easy for your audience to understand. You can never ever assume that your audience understands what you do.

2) You're not selling enough.

If you want to make money in your business, you have to be selling your services. That's it.

3) You're not injecting enough personality.

People have short attention spans. If your content sounds boring and robotic, your audience is going to scroll right on past until they find something more exciting

4) You're not showing the value of your services.

Show people the cost of staying the same without your help. Show them how much their life is gonna change once they hire you.

5) You're not taking the time to get to know your audience.

Remember people buy from people and yes, your content can build trust and connection from afar. But you also need to prioritise making personal connections with people in your audience.

6) You're not making it easy for your audience to buy from you.

People are lazy and need to be told what to do but solid calls to action in all your posts and also on your social media profile.

7) People don't know what the fuck you do.

You have to be absolutely clear on your content, who you help and how you help them. Make it so clear in your content that your audience has no doubt that your services are for them.

8) You're not being consistent

Consistency shows off your expertise and it also builds trust and trust is what sells.

9) You're copying other people's content.

I completely understand if you don't currently know what content to put out. There. That's going to convert your followers into clients. It's really easy to copy what all the other online experts are doing. But remember, their ideal client is not your ideal client.

10) You're not going deep enough on your ideal clients pain points.

Your audience wants to feel seen heard and understood by you. This is when they trust you to help them. When you go deep on the pain point your audience read your content thinking "oh my goodness, are they inside my head?!" and this is when they buy from you.

11) You're posting educational content all the time.

Educational content is great for showing off your expertise, but it's not the best content to make sales.

12) You spend more time talking about the solution itself rather than the desired results.

Your audience cannot relate to your solution so you need to stop talking about details they don't understand. Instead talk about the results your solution provides them with.

Are you guilty of any of the above? If you need help to get your content marketing strategy off the ground then get in touch, I'd love to help!

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