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How to minimise self-doubt when you are in between client enquiries

Here are three ways to minimise self doubt when you're between client inquiries.

Because I know how disheartening it can get waiting for that next inbound inquiry and feeling like it's never gonna come.

So here are three ways to make you feel more confident when you are waiting for that next client.

1) Make a list of your greatest strengths and qualities and remind yourself of them every single day. Taking the time to remember what makes you great and why people should want to work with you will give you a real confidence boost.

2) Look through your past client wins and testimonials remembering the impact you've had on your clients and the results you help them achieve or reminder of the amazing value you provide.

3) Scheduling some networking or market research calls putting yourself out there getting yourself on the phone and speaking about your business will remind you why you're so passionate about what you do.

Self doubt can & will rear its head at every stage of your journey 👇🏼

The truth is: with every new level of success, new fears crop up 🙁

The same thoughts of:

❌ 'what if this all dries up and I have to go back to a 9to5?'

❌ 'what if I turn off my audience with something I say and they don't want to buy from me'

❌ 'what if I never get another inquiry again in my life. Then what?'

I've had all these thoughts and anyone who tells you they haven't isn't being completely honest 🤫

Entrepreneurship is fuckin' hard. It is NOT for the faint-hearted 😥

But if you are ready to give it 100% and stop at nothing until you see the success you want, you will reap MASSIVE reward 🏆

So watch my quick video to find out my 3 ways YOU can minimise self-doubt between client inquiries 🤗

Because I know YOU know that your success is inevitable 💪🏻

Do you have any special practices or rituals to minimise your fear, every time it crops up? Let me know below 😘❤️

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