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5 things to consider when pricing your new offers and services

One thing that will give you big dick confidence to go & sell your next offer?

Because big dick confidence builds trust with your audience (and trust is when they buy)

It's when your offer is at a price point that you think is fair for you, but is also a no-brainer for your audience, based on the insane value you will be providing for your clients

But I know you don't have confidence right now to launch your next offer & that's why you're delaying it

You haven't had much interest in your 1:1 so you kinda feel like an imposter going out & launching something else when you don't have much validation or results from past clients

You don't even know if your offer idea is something your audience will invest in

You wanna get it out to the world but you're scared of your launch failing. And delaying your launch seems easier than risking the embarrassment & upset of seeing nobody sign up

What if I told you there was a guaranteed way for you to go into your next launch, confident that people NEED your offer. Like, really knowing that people in your audience will enrol, desperate to get their hands on it

You don't need to fear your next launch anymore. The more you procrastinate on your next launch, the more you'll talk yourself out of ever doing it ‼️

And you delaying your launch is costing you money, clients & confidence right now

Imagine having to go back to a 9to5 job because you never managed to make the money you wanted in your biz - I don’t ever want that for you!

Here are the five things you should consider when pricing your offers and services.

#1 Is the price a fair reflection of the value you're providing and your level of expertise?

#2 How much is your offer transformation desired by your audience?

#3 How much time will your new offer take to create and / or run?

#4 Is this a price point that your audience is willing & ready to invest in?

Need help with pricing your offers? Find out more about my 121 coaching here.

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