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How to create an attention grabbing headline that keeps your audience reading

Because you want your content to get read right? RIGHT!

Otherwise you're an intern in your own business, doing all this work for free and not getting paid for it.

So here's how...

Make sure you dangle the carrot...and make them want to keep reading, for example:

You're a copywriter and you know your target audience isn't winning new business because their copy is a bit shit.

A bad example of a headline:

"Your Copy isn't winning you new business."

It's generic. You reveal everything in the first line, no suspense.

How can you change it?

This is how your boring copy is costing you new clients RIGHT NOW. (And, 3 ways to make it more drool worthy ASAP!)

This headline tells them that you'll be revealing more in the post/caption to help them PLUS

you're targeting their current biggest struggle that they want to overcome.

In conclusion, your headline is the gateway to ensuring your content is consumed.

Consumed content makes your audience see you as an expert which builds trust and then gets them buying from you.

Nail your headline and watch your inbox blow up with inquiries.

And, if you're not sure how to how and ready to invest in help...

I help service based business owners create powerful persuasive content full of big personality that has new inquiries landing in your DMS every single week.

Because I want to help you sign more clients as simple and fun way. Guess what? Winning new business gets to be really fucking fun. Get in touch if you are ready to make weekly inbound inquiries, your new reality.

It really is the most crucial thing to get right to ensure your content is actually consumed because if your audiences sees your headline and thinks 'no thanks' and keeps scrolling, you're literally wasting hours of your life creating content that will never be viewed.

Need help attracting more clients to your business and making more money the simple and fun way?

Send me a DM so I can help you.

But first my coaching is for specific people...

  • You run a service based business online whether you're a coach of the year a copywriter, a creative consultant or anything else.

  • You're a freedom seeker looking to take your business full time so you can become a full time digital nomad, travelling the world whenever you want. Women who are ready for success now not later in the year.

  • Your signings some clients, but your inquiries are inconsistent and you want to be hitting consistent 5k months so you can quit your job forever.

If this sounds like you get in touch so you can grab your spot and start seeing big success.

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