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Why having a business growth strategy is IMPERATIVE for your content marketing strategy

Let me explain

If you want to see business success as quickly as possible, you need to have as many eyes as possible on your business

And I know you know that monetising your business is not only about having a big audience, more about having a warm audience

but ultimately, you cannot deny the more people who see your business, the more people there will be who want to work with you. Agreed?

So if you don’t have a visibility plan in place at the moment to grow your following & get more eyeballs on your business, you’re essentially pitching your services to the same people over and over

The same people who are NOT currently buying from you. The same people who are NOT taking action whenever you pitch your paid services

Perhaps you've got some solid 1:1 clients at the moment, so you're taking your foot off the gas with your strategy and trusting that more people will magically find you 🪄✨

But what happens when these 1:1 clients finish working with you & you need more income? What then?

I know it's not top of mind at the moment, but you need to be thinking about ways you can continuously be getting more eyes on your business so that you have a constant flow of 1:1 inquiries

Meaning that whenever you need to fill your 1:1 spots, you can. Heck, you can even create a waitlist from people who are dying to work with you (but yanoooo you don't have space in your calendar to start with them immediately)

In theory, showing up and putting time and effort into content creation, is a waste of your time, energy and effort IF you also don’t have a visibility strategy alongside it

So my advice to you, if you want to actually start getting paid for the time and effort you're putting into your business, is to create a solid plan to start getting seen by MORE people. Not just any people but YOUR ideal clients

This is when you'll be generating a constant stream of high-quality inquiries to your business who want to become YOUR clients, without hesitation or objections

Want these kind of clients every damn month? Send me a DM so I can help you create a solid plan that attracts them on autopilot

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