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How to get your audience to recognise you as a leader

Do you want your audience to recognise you as an expert leader who they pay rather than just another page they follow for good tips?

I'm about to explain the gap that is missing in your strategy right now.

The gap that is losing you clients.

Let's look at the daily life of one of your clients.

They're struggling big time. So they hop onto social media to see if any experts have tips, guidance or advice that will help in that business, life, relationships, health... *insert your niche here.*

There they are inundated with so much shitty info as they scroll through their homepage, but then they see your post. It speaks to them deeply. They relate to it. They say "how does she know that is how I'm feeling right now?!" MIND BLOWN. So they head to your page and consume all of your other content on there. They feel seen, heard and understood. They resonate with every single piece of content on a deep level.

All of a sudden, they're looking at you as the person to help them overcome their biggest struggles right now. That it's you and only you. So they hit message on your profile. And send you a message that says, "hey, badass unicon, I've had a look through your content, and it really speaks to me. I'm struggling with XYZ right now and I'd love to work with you. Do you have a space to take on new one to one clients at the moment?"

You're so excited.

All of those hours you've put into content creation has paid off because people finally understand exactly how you can help them. You book in the discovery call, the client is an instant YES, pays your invoice the same day and asks how quickly you can kick off.

This is what becomes possible for you every single week when you position yourself as an authority, expert, badass who people want to pay rather than the 'free tip girl' who nobody pays.

Need help with how? Get in touch so that £5K months can become your new norm!!

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