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FREE GUIDE: One month of content ideas for Instagram

Intentional content is the key to signing clients.


When you master your marketing, it does all the selling for you, meaning you can start waking up to DM inquiries from dream clients, asking how they can work with you. The dream, am I right?!


Here is your next month of content, so that you can stop chasing clients in the DMs and instead start attracting them through your content.⁠⁠


This is when you get to have more freedom from TODAY, even whilst growing your biz alongside your 9to5⁠⁠...


...because you're building trust with hundreds of people at once, rather than via individual DM conversations!

Here is one month of content ideas for your Instagram feed.

Because you need to have content strategy in place if you want to start converting your followers into people who are dying to pay you. This content plan is based on you posting three times per week on your Instagram feed.

Are you ready to map out your 12 different posts, in under 60 minutes? Let's go!!

FYI... all posts need a clear and solid call to action. So your audience knows what to do next. The following content ideas can be used in any format. For example, Reels, Carousel, single graphic / photo with long caption.

Week one

Post #1 Motivational quote and short snappy one or two line caption.

Call to action: "Share this post on your stories and tag me!"

Post #2 Problem awareness. Highlight a mistake your audience is making and show them how your solution will fix it. Call to Action: pitch your services.

Post #3 Educational.

X tips to help your audience overcome their biggest struggle.

Call to Action: conversation starter. For example. "Which tip is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!"

Week two.

Post #1. Connection.

Share with your audience a difficulty you experience that is their current reality and how it impacted you.

Call to Action: engagement example... "drop an emoji below if you needed to hear this today."

Post #2 Client case study.

Show your audience the results you help your clients achieve - this builds trust.

Call to Action: pitch your services.

Post #3 Aspirational.

Show how you've overcome a struggle that is currently keeping your audience stuck.

Call to action: conversation starter.

Week three.

Post #1 Problem awareness.

Share something your audience thinks is true that you know is not. For example, "what if I told you, you don't need to do what you think you need to do to solve your current biggest challenge."

Call to Action: conversation starter. Example. "Are you guilty of this? Let me know in the comments."

Post #2 Sales post.

Communicate the value of your coaching and show how is going to transform people's lives.

Call to Action: pitch your services.

Post #3 Educational.

Three tools you cannot live without that will help your audience right now.

Call to action: save this post if you found it helpful.

Week four

Post #1 Problem awareness.

Bust a myth your audience thinks is true in relation to achieving their goals.

Call to Action: pitch your services.

Post #2 Aspirational.

Talk about how you overcome your fear to invest yourself.

Call to Action: conversation starter. Example - "Tell me below the best investment you've ever made into yourself."

Post #3 Connection.

Tell your story sharing your backstory and how you got to this very moment makes you relatable human which builds a deep connection and trust with your audience.

Call to Action: engagement. Example - drop a hell yes in comments!

And there you have it! You've got a whole months worth of content ready to go so that you can use more time for the other parts in your business that light you up.

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