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Four key components of a successful content strategy

And I bet you're not doing #4 enough

Listen, it's time for some tough love

I know your game right now

❌ Not knowing what to write about that will interest your audience

💥 Spending hours writing single captions because you're a perfectionist

🙅🏻‍♀️ Struggling to nail your captions first time round, with no idea of how to structure something that will actually convert your followers into clients

I've been there, done that and got a thousand t-shirts to prove it

Your content strategy HAS to be top of the game IF you want to make more sales as simply & easily as possible

You have 2 options:

🚀 continue to struggle with your content, not make sales, waste time in the DMs tryna awkwardly invite people to work with you

🔥 master your content, generate leads on autopilot, have people approach YOU to work together

Which option is more appealing? ;) Ok here's how...

#1 Consistent visibility

Visibility builds trust because people see you often AND they hear you talking about biz stuff all the time = expert status.

TIP: commit to getting in front of your audience multiple times a week, without fail

#2 A clear, transformational offer

Communicating to your audience's desires & selling something they deeply crave will ensure they come to YOU for help.

TIP: go and ask your audience what they need help with then sell that

#3 Storytelling & vulnerability

Human-beings are emotional so building emotional connection with them is KEY, plus your journey is what sets YOU apart from everyone else & makes it relatable for your audience.

TIP: go deep on the emotions in your content & speak often about your past journey & struggles

#4 Pitching your services often

If you want people to buy, you have to start selling often, unapologetically. When you sell, people make the connection that you're someone they'll buy from.

TIP: commit to talking about your offers & inviting people to join at least 2-3 x per week

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