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Five reasons you are not signing 1:1 clients right now and tips to start attracting new business!

I’m gonna be honest with some real reason as to why you’re struggling to sign 1:1 clients right now 🤭🤫🤐

But luckily all these things can be easily tweaked, so get your notepads & pens at the roady ;)

💥 #1 Your content is boring

Boring content = people not stopping to read your content. If your content is generally vague, or generally inspiring (without being targeted to your audience), your audience will NOT consume your content. Tip: go and speak to 5 ideal clients to understand WHAT they’re struggling with right now. Then create content around it.

🌈 #2 You’re not selling enough

Are you keeping your fingers crossed that people will come enquiring to work with you? If you want people to buy from you, you have to start selling. Tip: find out about some of the biggest micro goals of your audience, and sell THOSE results, rather than selling your actual solution.

🚀 #3 You’re not showcasing your unique selling point

People buy into people, and it’s your personality, journey, story & energy that will attract your ideal clients. If you’re holding yourself back for fear of being unprofessional, your ideal client is NOT seeing the real you. Tip: jot down 3-5 points of what makes you fucking amazing and why people should want to work with you. Then start using it in your content every day.

🦄 #4 You’re not positioning your offer in the right way

Do you keep attracting people who are shopping around for the cheapest options, or people who see your value & want to sign up with you immediately? The key to attracting people who are ready to buy from you is to position your offer as irresistible. Tip: convey the value of your services by continuously showing your audience HOW it will change their life.

🥂 #5 You’re not sharing enough social proof & client testimonials

People will only part with their money for someone they trust. And the quickest way to build trust is to show your audience the results you can help them achieve. Tip: take a client success story and create an emotional journey post around it, so your audience can visualise being that person and achieving those same results.

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