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Five shifts you need to make in your business to be seen as a leader

And a leader that people want to PAY!!

Because my guess is you want to start attracting hell yes pay in full clients every single month.

Cool. Let's dive in!

#1 Start believing you're an expert.

If you want people to see you as a leader, you firstly must start believing that you are a leader. People will only invest in you when they see the confidence you have in yourself. Self belief puts fire in your belly to continue. It's what gives you the confidence to sell your services because you know how fucking transformative they are.

#2 Start creating powerful content.

Strong content that really connects with your audience on a deep emotional level is what draws them in. Your content is the gateway to generating a consistent stream of inquiries to your DMS every single month. Mastering your content is the simplest way to position yourself as a leader and generate new business to hundreds of people at once.

#3 Start showing up consistently.

Leaders show up consistently because they know they have an amazing message to share with their people. If you push out content sporadically, your audience is not going to see you as credible and wondering why you're not taking your business seriously. I'm all for taking social media breaks for mental health, but not showing up for a week because your engagement is shit is not a valid or legitimate reason to ghost your audience.

#4 Start selling your services.

As more leaders recognise their worth and know that what they're providing is the best thing since sliced bread. So they want to tell the world about it all the time. Someone who is afraid to sell their services lacks confidence in the eyes of your audience. And a lack of confidence means people will not pay for you because they don't believe you can help them get the results they want.

#5 Start living out your core values.

So you saw your ideal clients feel more connected to you. When you act in alignment with your values, your audience is like whoa, DIS MY GAL! You earn their trust because they see you being completely authentic to who you are. And what you stand for. If you don't have a strong identity online, your audience won't see you as a strong leader. So if you want your audience to start feeling more connected to you, stand up for what you believe in and be authentic to who you truly are.

Need help building a kick-ass content strategy and showing up online? I help service based business owners create powerful persuasive content full of big personality that has new inquiries landing in your DMS every single week. Sound good? Get in touch here.

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