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7 reasons why your launch failed...and how to fix them

1) People don’t buy straightaway so you give up and stop pitching

TOP TIP: you need to remain consistent with your pitching the WHOLE way through the launch. Not everyone buys immediately and some people ONLY buy when it comes to that final countdown crunch-time

2) You blindly go into your launch hoping your offer is something your audience wants (and will invest in)

TOP TIP: do market research with your audience to create something they will invest in, so you KNOW your next offer is definitely gonna sell

3) You don’t plan out a proper launch plan, but wing it as you go

TOP TIP: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Your launch plan needs to lead your audience on an emotional buying journey that ensures they buy from you

4) You drop your offer out the blue, without warming up your audience

TOP TIP: warm your audience the fuck up before dropping your offer or they won't buy. Think problem-awarness content & highlighting mistakes they're making to get their juices flowing

5) You sell the features instead of the transformation

TOP TIP: always sell the transformation & desired results, BUT use your content to educate your audience on HOW your solution will get them there

6) You try to replicate other biz owners' launch plans in the hope they’ll work for you too

TOP TIP: come on now, bbz. You're a magical unique unicorn. Never copy someone else's strategy cos it JUST AIN'T YOU

7) You don’t know if your offer is really desired, so you don’t sell it with conviction

TOP TIP: see point 2 ;) do market research so you know 100% your offer is something your audience wants and will invest in. When you KNOW your audience is gagging for it, you have MASSIVE BIG DICK confidence to sell your offer every damn day

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