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Are you DONE with feeling

stuck & overwhelmed 

in your new coaching business?

*vegan, travel lover, always dancing, weirdo!


It's Grace here!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

Answer me this one question:

How would you like to learn EXACTLY how to start signing your own premium clients on repeat?

one-off clients


hourly rates


inconsistent income


What if I told you that, even as a new coach,

signing premium clients gets to be fun and easy?

Would you believe me?

Well, I am proof and I’m going to show you exactly how you can achieve it too.

Reliable income, month after month.



Attracting dream clients to YOU.



Not having to spend hours on Instagram, chasing cold leads.




Having empowering conversations with dream clients who say HELL YES, not ‘oh you’re too expensive?’


THIS gets to be your reality very soon with my help.

So, how is

giphy (7).gif
Untitled design (11).png

 from zero to launch in 90 days

giphy (7).gif

different from everything else out there?

In this 12-week group coaching programme, I help you implement the ONLY 12 steps you need to know, in order to sign premium clients consistently into your new business.

Hint: I’ll be disclosing these 12 steps soon BUT if you come to my free workshop, you’ll find them out sooner!

This programme is a no-BS, no fluff, no cookie-cutter strategies programme.

None of that!

None of that!

I help you nail the exact skills you NEED to know to sign premium clients on repeat, but in a way that feels amazing to you.

In a way that feels fun and easy. In a way that aligns with your values. In the exact way that you want to run your business.

I help you skyrocket your confidence so that you can own your fuckin SUPERPOWER. Your unique magical and wonderful gifts? Yep, I give you that confidence to share them with the world, SHOUT about them AND use them to attract dream clients!

To make a massive impact and hit your financial goals just by being yourself (how cool, hey?)

Untitled design (3).png

How would you feel if you could finally release your overwhelm and have a clear & simple strategy to follow, that would easily convert your followers into clients?

Untitled design (3).png

What would it mean for you if you could finally go full-time in your coaching business, start signing premium clients and hitting your big financial goals?

Don’t believe me?



giphy (6).gif
giphy (6).gif

By joining the waitlist, these are the INSANE bonuses you’ll get your hands on:

Untitled design (2).png

A 1:1 60-minute coaching call with me, complete with custom notes and a clear action plan

(Worth £300. Can be claimed at any point during the 12 week programme)

Untitled design (2).png

My “Slay your Stories” course, so that you can develop a proper strategy to sell on IG stories, in a way that empowers both you and your audience (and has them saying YES!)

Untitled design (2).png

My “Manifest More” 6-week money mindset course, so that you can let go of any money limiting beliefs, rewrite your money story and start feeling confident about charging premium prices (and receiving it!)


So, if you wanna:


- get first dibs on reserving your spot in the programme

- guarantee the additional bonuses


then get your name down below ASAP!

NB By joining the waitlist, you are under no obligation to join Beginner to Badass Bootcamp when it opens for enrollment. Joining the waitlist solely reserves your spot and guarantees you access to the bonuses, should you wish to sign up to the full 12-week programme.

I want to join the waitlist!
By confirming your email, you're also agreeing to receive future emails from me including lots of hot and juicy tips and sometimes I'll share my offers with you too. Don't worry, if we're not for each other, you can opt-out at any time by clicking the link in the footer of my emails. For information about our privacy practices, please click here

Yay, you're in!


if you attend my upcoming workshop “Your 12 steps to signing premium clients on repeat”, I am dropping an additional AWESOME bonus, exclusive for workshop attendees ONLY.

Believe me, you don’t wanna miss this!

I’m SO excited to share it with you EEEEEK!

Details coming soon! 😉

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