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Are you DONE with feeling

stuck & overwhelmed 

in your coaching business?

*vegan, travel lover, always dancing, weirdo!


It's Grace here!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

Hey, you magical unicorn!

Answer me this one question:

Because without ultimate clarity and a clear plan of action, you’re going to find it damn hard to start signing dream clients.

And I don’t want that for you...

And I don’t want that for you...

How awesome would it be if you had the confidence to:





Show up consistently on Instagram, with a clear & compelling message that connects with your audience

Start talking with ideal clients daily (and actually sell to them in a way that felt empowering and had them saying YES!)

Know EXACTLY what your audience would be willing to invest in RIGHT NOW

Start actually working with dream clients, knowing 100% the transformation you offer them will actually get them results

Show up completely as yourself (you know, the weird and wonderful you?), so that you can attract a tribe of raving fans (that easily convert to clients!)


my name is Grace and I'm a Mindset Coach & Business Mentor.


I help coaches attract “ready to invest” clients, with a stand-out personal brand and clear & effective messaging.

Hi there,


This is done through clear, simple & no-fluff strategies that remove all the overwhelm, and get you to where you want to be, as quickly as possible. (We’re only focussed on your results around here!)


All so that you can go full-time in your business and start creating that ultimate life of freedom, impact and financial abundance that you desire right now 💪💪💪


Here’s a snippet of some of the amazing results my clients have achieved:

Here’s a snippet of some of the amazing results my clients have achieved:


Who is my coaching for?

(One or more of the below can apply to you)








You are a coach, who wants to start signing consistent premium clients (£1k+)

You haven’t nailed your niche yet and are procrastinating on whom you want to help (because you don’t know what is most profitable)


You have no idea how to create your ‘irresistible offer’ that will have your audience queuing up to buy from you


You’re struggling to put together your coaching package because you have no idea what your clients want (and will get them results!)


You 'kinda' know your ideal client, but you have zero clue how to write content that "speaks to them" (and has them dropping into your DMs!)


You’re clueless when it comes to effectively marketing and selling your services


You want to learn exactly how to sign dream clients on repeat (so that you’re not worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from!)

I completely understand where you’re at right now, because I was in a very similar position not so long ago - I had no idea how to start and grow my online coaches business.


I invested in help from coaches & mentors, I read lots, I learnt lots...and I put all of that knowledge into what I offer my clients today.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping badass coaches, like you, own your magical superpowers, skyrocket your confidence and learn exactly how to sign your own premium clients, so that you have reliable income months, never worrying about where your next client is coming from.

Untitled design (8).png

How can I help you with your business goals?

Real change, results and a transformation can take time. Having a coach and mentor expedites all your progress and success so that you achieve your goals ASAP.

(but in a way that feels good for you)

So let me introduce

Untitled design (11).png

from zero to launch in 90 days

giphy (7).gif
giphy (7).gif
BTBB Modules


Week 1: Nailing your niche & Ideal Client Avatar

Guuuurl, we start with the basics. If you don't know who you're serving, you can't serve them, right? Specificity with your niche & ICA is key, otherwise, your message will NOT speak to anyone. You're going to get clear AF on WHO you serve, HOW you serve them and WHAT you help them achieve.

Week 2: Creating your irresistible offer

To sell your offer on repeat, you need to find out from your target audience what they need help with - simple, hey? 
Welcome, market research! After this week, you're going to know EXACTLY what your audience is ready to invest in!

No guesswork here.

Week 3: Mapping out your coaching programme

Now we get down and dirty with planning out your coaching programme, step-by-step. We're gonna brainstorm your modules, order your ideas and ensure your content is delivered in a logical way, that teaches your clients without overwhelming them = happy clients who achieve results!

Week 4: Writing magnetic content

The success of your business lies within the power of your marketing #legit. When you create content that speaks directly to your ideal client, THAT is when they feel heard & understood, and THAT is when they trust that YOU know how to solve their problem = KA-CHING! Your marketing is THE most important thing for your business success, so this module helps you master it ;)

Week 5: Your launch strategy

Now that you've got some solid knowledge under your belt of HOW you're going to consistently sign clients, we look at developing a plan to launch your coaching services so that you can start actually *working* with clients (WOOHOO - YES,!)

Week 6: Building brand authority ASAP

If you're not seen as an expert by your audience, they will never invest in you. Period. So what do we do? We fast-track your brand authority so you know EXACTLY how to get your audience's attention and have them hanging on your every word.

Week 7: Understanding why people buy

If you don't know how to make your audience buy from you, they ain't gonna buy from you (know what I'm saying?). In this module, we delve into sales psychology so you understand WHAT will make your ideal clients say HELL YES to your offer!

Week 8: IGAs, Productivity & Lead Generation

IGAs = income-generating activities! I.e the things that you should ALWAYS be focusing on in your business. We take a look at what those IGAs look like for your business, how to be streamlined and productive with your time and how to constantly generate leads so that you always have people to sell to.

Week 9: Growing your audience

Instagram is an amazing algorithm-based 'front of house' platform for marketing your business. But the power also lies in growing your email list - an asset-based platform where you own the contacts on your list. We dive into creation of a lead magnet that your audience needs, so that you can start growing the eyes on your biz and knowing exactly who your warm / hot leads are.

Week 10: Soulful Sales

It's one thing getting hot leads in your DMs, it's another knowing how to ROCK your sales calls so that you're closing like a pro. We're looking at:
- How to structure your sales call in the right way (and overcome any objections!)
- How to qualify leads (so that you're only getting on the phone with people who are already a HELL YES!)
- How to close like a PRO and sign dream clients.

Week 11: Expanding your Product Suite

Having a product suite of different offers can really benefit, not only your bank balance but the number of people you can help and serve with your coaching. We take a look at exactly HOW you could expand your product suite and HOW these can fit into a simple funnel for passive income #dollarbillz.

Week 12: IOS (not the software!)

Implement, optimise, scale. By now you’ve got ALL the tools you need, to know exactly how to attract dream clients to you. This week is all about fine-tuning, tweaking and helping you leverage your time better, so you can start making more £££s, working fewer hours.

By the end of Beginner to Badass Bootcamp you'll...

By the end of Beginner to Badass Bootcamp you'll...

Untitled design (9).png

Have complete clarity on all the basics to setting up a longterm sustainable coaching business.

Untitled design (9).png

Have the confidence to get visible consistently, with a clear & compelling message that grabs the attention of your audience.

Untitled design (9).png

Know your ideal client, like the back of your hand, so you can call them out through your content and your stand-out online presence.

Untitled design (9).png

Know how to build trust & authority with your audience FAST, without having to spend hours in the DMs, chasing people.

And most of all...

Untitled design (9).png

You’ll know exactly how to attract "ready to invest" DREAM clients, through the power of a stand-out personal brand and a simple, clear and effective message that connects with the right people (so that THEY are coming to YOU - goodbye sleazy sales!)

Untitled design (13).png

If you are looking to level up your coaching business, build confidence and get ultimate clarity, so that you can start signing dream clients ASAP, then you need to reserve your spot immediately.

imagine if:

You could develop a foolproof method to generate leads on autopilot and book discovery calls

You knew exactly how to attract premium clients who didn’t question your prices (in fact, they hear your premium price and STILL say hell yes!)

You could wake up, every morning, to an inbox full of DMs from ideal clients, inquiring about your services

You had a clear plan of exactly how to convert cold leads → piping hot leads ready to buy from you

You knew how to effectively convert your followers into premium clients and book out your services

You had dream clients desperate to pay your invoice, so they can begin working with you ASAP

You could finally go full-time in your coaching business and live a life of freedom, impact and financial abundance.


All of this is SO possible for you when you join

Untitled design (11).png

from zero to launch in 90 days

giphy (7).gif
giphy (7).gif

So if you’re:


An action-taker


Ready to roll up your sleeves and put the dedicated work in to make your new coaching biz a success


Friendly and coachable


Driven AF to achieve your biz goals


Ready to leave your comfort zone and achieve amazing things!

Then you are ready to say YES to

Beginner to Badass Bootcamp

Hit the button below to fill out your application, so we can start making magical things happen in your coaching business.

Do you have any questions about BtBB?
Drop me a message on IG!
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