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Ready to book out your next launch, with a proven framework, that attracts clients who are ready to enrol immediately into your offer?

I thought so too ;) Keep reading if you're ready to learn how...

I know how it goes. You want to launch your next offer so you can serve more people & make some amazing money in your biz, except you're stuck.

"How the fuck do I launch 'properly'?"
"What if nobody signs up & then I'm scared to ever launch again?"
"How do I create urgency at launch so that people say yes NOW?"
"How do I communicate the value of my offer so people want to join immediately?"
"What content do I even need to create to get sign-ups?"

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I get it because I've been through it all. I used to have all of these thoughts, so much so that launching scared me. I was terrified to put myself out there with a new offer and risk having nobody sign up.

I was desperate to launch new offers for my audience but my fear of failure paralysed me. I've been through enough launches at this point to know exactly what strategy works, that actually moves people to take action & enrol into your new offer immediately.

In fact, I learnt how to get people enrolling into my new offers before they'd even launched publicly. I wanted to be *that* person who could already have a handful of people signed up to my offer & PAID in advance

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And this is exactly how I'm helping you inside Stand Out, Sell Out - a self-paced 6 week course. I'm helping you launch your next offer, with a proven framework for success, so that it actually sells out and attracts action-takers who are ready to enrol, without hesitation or a million questions.

Week 1: Planning out the perfect offer that your audience can’t say no to

Week 2: Packaging up your offer & validating it to presell spots before enrolment even opens

Week 3: Mapping out a  launch plan that sells

Week 4: Hyping your offer & warming up your audience so they’re ready to buy

Week 5: How to get immediate sign-ups on launch day (AKA your bombass sales content)

Week 6: Creating urgency & fomo once your offer’s dropped to book it out with dream clients

Ready for DMs like this at your next launch?

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