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Are you struggling to attract clients to your business & book out your 1:1 services with dream clients?

If you're nodding along screaming 'YES, how do I change it?', then you are in the right place, so fasten your seatbelts; we're going for a ride ;)

I know how it feels to get put yourself out there on social media: pushing out inspirational content, sharing all your best tips & tricks, having conversations in the DMs...but with no clients or money to show for it.

Sales feels sleazy & forced. Content creation takes AGES & you're not even sure what content to be pushing out that's gonna start making you more money. You're not even sure what you're selling!

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This used to be my reality. I had no idea how to create a strategy that would bring me consistent income every month. I was signing inconsistent clients & had NO confidence to raise my prices to what I wanted to charge.

I wanted to start hitting £5k months consistently, so I devised a framework to help me start attracting new, high quality inquiries every single month.

Inquiries that converted into paying clients. Inquiries that said YES without hesitation. Inquiries who paid in full, without delay.

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This is exactly how Slay Your Sales is helping you. It's my proven framework for attracting clients to your business every single month & booking out your 1:1 services with dream clients 🦄🤤


Goodbye, chasing cold leads, having awkward conversations, spending hours in the DMs, convincing people to work with you.


Hello, attracting dream clients on repeat = reliable income, month after month = you living with more freedom from TODAY.

Ready for results like these in your biz?

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